Living the California dream, Dr. Dori Naerbo had a bit of a shock one day when her husband of 15 years, Kurt, who had left Norway many years before, came home and announced that he was “homesick.”  She could not believe that he wanted to leave sunny California and their beautiful custom home on two-acres for Sirevaag, Norway.  At that time, Dori was in a Doctoral Program working on her Ph.D. in clinical psychology before moving to Norway. Dr. Naerbo has been a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-D-1A), published author, negotiator of business and government contracts, and has extensive IT experience.

Dr. Naerbo’s educational background is equally diverse, with extensive science, business and technology studies. A Californian by birth, she first received a business degree before being accepted into the accelerated Master/Ph.D. graduate program at the California Institute of Human Science. Being new to Norway, Dr. Naerbo put her love of medicine aside and decided to focus on corporate business while learning the Norwegian language. Switching her degree from clinical psychology to organizational psychology, Dr. Naerbo holds a Doctorate (PhD) in organizational psychology and Master of Science  Degree (MSc) in Clinical Research from the University of Liverpool.  Her  dream job working for one of the BIG 5 consulting companies was short-lived because fate had other plans that would bring her back to medicine.  Today, Dr. Naerbo is a consultant for biotech companies with a special interest in cellular technology and cardiovascular applications.