A Woman’s Heart Attack: What your Doctor May Not Tell You
What Every Women Needs to Know to Prevent, Recover, and Heal from a Heart Attack

At my last cardiovascular visit, my doctor said, “You’ve completely healed yourself! I can see no evidence that you have had a heart attack!”


After three consecutive heart attacks and with a fourth looming like a dark cloud, I had to take action and figure out why I was sick. I had to prevent the next heart attack. Numb, depressed, paralyzed with fear, and frustrated with traditional medicine, I started my mission, determined to solve the question that no one seemed to be able to answer for me.   A Woman’s Heart   Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You is a story of my healing journey and the specific steps I took to heal myself. Early into my research about my heart disease, I began to realize that I needed to use my body, mind, and spirit as one for healing to occur. For this reason, A Woman’s Heart  Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You is divided into three parts, which address the body, mind, and spirit. I teach you step by step what I did to achieve healing and good health after surviving my heart attacks. The journey to health is truly amazing.

You will learn some of the patterns that develop before a heart attack, the relationship between hormones and heart attacks, gender differences between women’s and men’s heart disease, how to prevent the next attack, and how to heal yourself. I started writing this book in 2005 as part of my own healing therapy, but later it grew into something much more and I realized that what I learned could help all women. This book became a guide to self healing and enlightenment. After my doctor gave me the good news of my fully healed heart, I knew it was time to finish the book and share what I did to bring about new heart health. My hope is that A Woman’s Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You will help you in your quest for a healthy heart and the improved lifestyle that comes along with it.