Exercise-A Daily Habit But How Much Do We Need?

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Create An Exercise Habit!

Exercise is a daily habit for some people, however not for the majority of the population. There as been a lot of talk recently concerning the amount of exercise one should do to be healthy. How much exercise do we really need?  Some researchers advocate 10 minutes, some say 30 minutes, while others say 4o minutes.   Being physically fit is important for your cardiovascular health. Being thin but not physically fit, increases your risk of death, as compared to someone overweight who is physically fit.  In other words, a woman at her ideal weight that leads a sedentary lifestyle has a higher risk of death compared to a woman overweight and physically fit.   One reason is that blood vessels expand during cardio activities, and this expansion allows the blood to flow freely easier and faster, whereas the opposite occurs in someone sedentary.  In addition, your resting pulse rate lowers over time, your cholesterol and blood pressure improves.  We all know the benefits of exercise and why should do it.  But why don’t we? What are the barriers to exercise?


  • Not enough time?
  • Lack of motivation?
  • Not fun?
  • Boring?
  • Can’t do it alone?
  • Too embarrassedto go to the gym?
  • Want to lose weight before you start?
  • Do not have safe places to go outside for a walk or exercise?

Exercise needs to be a routine like brushing your teeth. In the initial phase of exercise, it helps to have a buddy system where you both can motivate each other.  It is hard to do it alone until it becomes a habit, where your self-motivation can be sustained.  Perhaps you have aches and pains that prevent you from going on a walk; however if you do not move you will get stiffer and less flexible.

What do you do in a 24-hour period? Within the 24-hour period, you have 8 hours for yourself. Of course, you can squeeze in some time even if it is 10 minutes. The trick is to develop the exercise habit.  Form health habits by repetitive rituals done daily, same time of the day, and same patterns.  For example, brushing your teeth and then exercise. There are more advantages to be physically fit than being your ideal weight and not physically fit.  Start putting more focus on fitness and less focus on weight. The weight loss will be a byproduct of becoming fit.

Please share and tell us what you do to motivate yourself to exercise.

For more information read the book, A Woman’s Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You: What Every Women Needs to Know to Prevent, Recover, and Heal from a Heart Attack.  Although, this book was written with the female heart in mind, there are many aspects that are equally  important for  men  recovering and healing from a heart attack or heart failure.

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