American Heart Month: Women and men have major heart differences

Some people may know heart attack symptoms differ in men and women, but more research shows significant anatomical differences that can affect diagnosis, treatment


Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight:

Finally, another study to prove what I have been trying to teach other women in my book about heart attacks.  Women do not present the same as men and most often they are silent attacks (no chest pain).  Additionally, when men have an angiogram to look for blockages it looks like a lump on a log whereas in women it can be diffuse and look like the walls are more narrow.

Watch the video, learn the symptoms, many women in there 40s are having heart attacks.  It is not just something that happens to women over 60 years old.  I am still amazed at how many doctors (esp. female) still believe this and are not up-to-date with women’s heart issues and the risk factors.

Knowledge is power when you apply it in the right way. Be proactive, instead of reactive, learn the symptoms, use the right descriptors so you can get the help you need.  And please do not make  ‘light’ of your symptoms, we all have an internal knowing about what is right in our bodies.  Start listening.  It is easy to say, I will get better, it will go away, its just a little ingestion, what if I go and its nothing then I will feel stupid.  So what! Better to go and be sure then damage your heart to the point of needing a transplant! Yes, that has happened before, many times.  Do let it happen to you.

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