Brands continue to target fast food marketing at kids

Companies are ploughing more and more money into marketing unhealthy foods to children. What will turn the tide?


Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight:

It is disheartening to see that  “junk food” companies are allowed to target children and worse, the pre-teen group!  In a free learning society in some countries this will have a huge impact as parents succumb to the will of their children.  As a result, childhood obesity will hit all time high, and we will end up outliving our children.  Why are we letting the kids have this junk?


Now it is time to stand up and educate the kids, we cannot leave it up to the companies that are targeting our children.   Food and sugar is the new drug of this century.  We need to start campaign in schools at a very early age just like anti-drug education.


In addition, the schools need to make nutritious meals that taste good.  There was a program with Jamie Oliver in the US trying to make these changes.  Bravo for him and shame on the school district unwilling to make the changes for a healthier lifestyle.


We need cool campaigns educating children on the dangers of fast foods and the importance of clean functional foods. Making functional food fun is a challenge; we have to go beyond boiling vegetables to death.  A segment of health classes could be to learn how to cook great functional foods that will tantalize and dance on your taste buds.  Ditch the elective cooking classes for mandatory lifestyle classes, which include, sex education, gastronomy, and healthy lifestyles.

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