Major heart healing trial starts

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Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight:

In this study, all the patients will have standard treatment to widen their narrowed arteries, and stents, half the patients will have stem cells taken from their bone marrow and injected into their heart.  


I have some reservations about this study.  First of all,  just widening and/ or stenting alone will give relief without stem cells, therefore it would be difficult to claim it was the stem cell alone.  Second, there is a window that is most suitable for delivery stem cells after MI according to several studies.  Third, the quantity and the quality of the stem cell will differ between each patient.  Fourth, there are conflicting reports regarding the potential for increased restenosis after stem cell transplantation. Fifth,  hopefully they will track the cells to see where they will eventually end up.  

I think they would have better outcomes if patients were optimised before treatment.  

Yes, while this is a great study, the real issue of why they got there in the first place should be addressed.  


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