Holiday Weight Gain Adds Up Over the Years

We have all heard the stories of holiday weight gain as much as 10 pounds during the winter holidays. The good news is that several studies indicate the average weight gain is only one to two pounds; however, the bad news is that most people fail to lose this weight.  Compounded yearly, this extra weight, adds up substantially over the years.

During the holiday season overweight people gained as much as five pounds according to one study, whereas another study found that those with a body mass index over 25 or more gained an average of two pounds.

Avoiding Mindless Munching, See It, EAT IT

The holiday season is a special time of year and for many it is very stressful.  This stress can trigger unwanted eating behaviors, such as mindless munching, comfort eating, celebratory eating, and uncontrollable urges for sugary or salty snacks.  Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which as a cascading effect.  The liver responds and releases sugar into the blood stream.  As a result, the pancreas reacts to the elevated blood sugar by releasing insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone.  Researchers indicate that abdominal obesity in women is exacerbated by chronic stress and high cortisol levels, which leads to the stress risk factor for women and heart disease.

Helpful Tips

1)      More mediation, it’s good for your heart health.

2)      Keep your stress low for the holiday. See article: Five Ways to Keep Your Stress Low During the Holidays.

3)      Saying No Thank You- This is really hard for many people, women especially.  Learn to say no.

4)      Portion control-take a small plate and just have a sample, not an entire meal of hors d’oeuvre s.  Your stomach is only as big as your fist.

5)      Black or unsweetened coffee tends to spike insulin.  Remember, insulin is the fat storage hormone.

Currently, testing a new promising weight loss product that literally eliminates mindless munching, and craving for sugary or salty snacks. Will keep you posted! So far the results are very impressive, which I will share with you later. I have tried many products before, but nothing has ever worked this good!

For more information read, A Woman’s Heart Attack: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You: What Every Women Needs to Know to Prevent, Recover, and Heal from a Heart Attack.  Although, this book was written with the female heart in mind, there are many aspects that are equally  important for  men  recovering and healing from a heart attack or heart failure.

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