American Heart Month: Women and men have major heart differences

Some people may know heart attack symptoms differ in men and women, but more research shows significant anatomical differences that can affect diagnosis, treatment   Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: Finally, another study to prove what I have been trying to teach other women in my book about heart attacks. ¬†Women do not present the same as […]

Study finds feeling in control may increase longevity | BrandeisNOW

See on – heartmatters Do you believe in your own ability to succeed, or do you believe life events are largely beyond your control? Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: People who feel in control and believe they can achieve goals despite hardships are more likely to live longer and healthier lives, especially among those with less […]

Spousal Relationship Quality and Cardiovascular Risk

See on – heartmatters Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: A new study found that couples where both spouses felt ambivalent toward the other, had significantly more calcium buildup in the arteries. And only in those couples was the increased heart risk detected. See on

What to Do When Someone Needs CPR

See on – heartmatters The life-saving skill everyone should know Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: Do you know CPR? If not, learn today and be prepared!  See on

Heart surgeons in Toronto perform bypass on Twitter

Surgeons at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre brought Twitter followers into their operating room today while performing a coronary artery bypass graft on a 57-year-old man. See on

Major heart healing trial starts

See on – heartmatters Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: In this study, all the patients will have standard treatment to widen their narrowed arteries, and stents, half the patients will have stem cells taken from their bone marrow and injected into their heart.     I have some reservations about this study.  First of all,  just […]

The Secret to Healthier Aging

See on – heartmatters It’s so simple! Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: Irisin, a hormone released in your body when you work out, reprograms fat cells so that they burn, rather than store, energy. See on

Every Second Counts for Heart Attack Victims – KFDX

See on – heartmatters KFDX Every Second Counts for Heart Attack Victims KFDX The time period from when a patient enters the ER with heart attack symptoms until blood flow is restored in the patient’s artery is called the door-to-balloon time. Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: Yes, every second counts, which is precisely why you need […]

Heart surgeon confesses processed food is slowly killing everyone

See on – heartmatters Dr. Dwight Lundell has dished the dirt on ‘what really causes heart disease’ and he admits prescribing cholesterol-lowering medications, and a low-fat, high-simple carbohydrate diet for two-and-a-half decades was misguided. Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: Happy to see that some doctors are becoming enlightened and realising the old paradigm of prescribing drugs […]

Heart Foods Slideshow: Resveratrol, Salmon, Flaxseed, and More

The top foods for heart health go beyond cholesterol busters to edamame, nuts, salmon, even coffee, in this list from WebMD. Cooking tips and pictures show how to work new foods into your diet.   Dr-Dori Naerbo‘s insight: 23 Heart friendly foods. See on