Recovering After Heart Attack

Heart attacks in women present differently than in men.  My first heart attack was relatively painless.  I felt a sharp stabbing pain, which went away quickly.  Then I felt the color draining from my face.  Next, I experienced extreme fatigue and breathlessness. However, because I was sick from pertussis a few months prior, I shrugged it off, thinking it would go away. If only I give it a few more minutes.   Many women have early signs of a heart attack that are often ignored.  Women tend to be in denial, which causes them valuable time! Do not delay! Get help right away. Think Time=Muscle. An increase in time seeking medical help, vacillating, procrastinating, and denial ― decreases muscle.  Women having a heart attack may also experience a delay in response to treatment. This is another reason to speak up! Now is NOT the time to be shy.