Exercise For Cardiac Patients

In Exercise Reduces Heart Disease  we discussed the importance of regular exercise for women with heart issues. Unfortunately, there are various barriers to women actually participating in exercise after suffering a cardiac event, several of which were explored in Exercise Reduces Heart Disease.

Exercise Reduces Heart Disease

cardiac rehab_woman

Recovering After Heart Attack

Heart attacks in women present differently than in men.  My first heart attack was relatively painless.  I felt a sharp stabbing pain, which went away quickly.  Then I felt the color draining from my face.  Next, I experienced extreme fatigue and breathlessness. However, because I was sick from pertussis a few months prior, I shrugged it off, thinking it would go away. If only I give it a few more minutes.   Many women have early signs of a heart attack that are often ignored.  Women tend to be in denial, which causes them valuable time! Do not delay! Get help right away. Think Time=Muscle. An increase in time seeking medical help, vacillating, procrastinating, and denial ― decreases muscle.  Women having a heart attack may also experience a delay in response to treatment. This is another reason to speak up! Now is NOT the time to be shy.